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Tactical 3 Litres Reservoir


The hydration carrier that is very adaptable. Shoulder straps that are detachable and can be stowed away inside the pack. Straps and buckles for easy attachment to larger packs.

Three usage modes: can be worn backpack style, inserted in rucksacs, or direct-attached to MOLLE on vests or rucksacs using Source QCA buckle system. Vertical front zipper for fast reservoir access.

  • Adjustable Sternum Strap- Adds stability
  • Elastic Secured™ Loops- Keeps loose strap-ends from dangling
  • Dual Function: Backpack/Gear Mounted Modes- Quick release shoulder straps folded into back pocket to load into large pack or mount on gear.
  • QCA™ System- Connects instantly to vests and packs with no additional straps or hardware required.
  • Drain Eyelet- Drains condensation in the insulated reservoir sleeve.
  • Easy Dry D-Ring- With the zippered top open the pack hangs upside down for draining and quick drying.
  • Zippered Top Opening- Quick and easy access to the reservoir for cleaning, draining or replacement.
  • Vertical Zipper- For quick access to the tube/bladder connector for installation of personal filtration systems.
  • External Fill Port with Integral Refill Handle- Delivers fast and easy refills on-the-move with no spills.
  • Cool Insulation- Closed cell insulation keeps liquid cool for better absorption by the body.